Forbes Marshall Steam Systems

There is great potential for energy savings and this need drives the interest for Energy Conservation. As prices of materials and finished goods products are increasingly dictated by the global markets, what remains within control is conversion costs, of which energy costs have the greatest opportunity for cost reduction.

Steam energy is a large proportion of the energy cost in process industry. Having an efficient boiler does not ensure high efficiencies of the steam cycle. Efficiently distributing and utilising steam combined with recovery of condensate and flash play a significant role in improving steam cycle efficiencies.

Steam is vital to ensure productivity and product quality. Our steam systems business focuses precisely on improving the steam cycle efficiencies and enabling customers improve on productivity and quality of their end products. Steam systems business encompasses products and solutions across the steam loop which are tailored to meet customer specific requirements and solving their problems.
We offer the complete range of steam traps and condensate pumps making us one of the largest manufacturers globally.

  Our steam distribution system products like piston valves, moisture separators, strainers, spring loaded disc check valves enable us to deliver the right quality of steam at point of use. For high purity steam needs in pharmaceutical and food industries, we offer the complete range of clean steam products meeting the ISPE base guidelines. With our knowledge and experience, we build and supply engineered systems like pressure reducing stations, pressurized deaerators, accumulators, and compact hot water systems for quick fix with plug and play concept.

Our innovations of tomorrow, like wireless trap monitoring system for monitoring the health of steam traps enable us to bring the next practices in steam technology to our customers.

Our large installed base- over 3 million steam traps, 300,000++ piston valves, 25000 pressure reducing stations and 10000 pumps are testimony to our long standing  partnership  with process industry.